Winterthur, 2019


While walking along a forest trail between Winterthur and Seuzach I came across several instances of large piles of wood. To my American mind, nearly all of these seemed, amusingly, to be offering free logs to any passerby who might need one. It’s not that you don’t see stacks of firewood in America, but they are always accompanied by a sign indicating the cost per stack.

These large stacks of wood developed this strange presence as I walked by them. They were these perfectly arranged structures, seemingly out in the middle of nowhere even though they were within sight of the walking path. I’m not sure if the phrase whimsical eerieness makes sense to anyone other than me, but that’s perhaps how I can best describe them. They made me smile, as though they were purpose-built for that, but they also made me feel like there was someone there that I couldn’t see.

Note: All prints are printed, inspected, signed, and numbered in an open edition.

Additional information

Dimensions N/A
Image Ratio


Paper Weight

300 gsm

Paper Base

Alpha Cellulose Fiber

Paper Finish / Surface Texture

Textured Semi-Gloss

Paper Brightness

Natural White

Paper Thickness

13.8 mil