Lucerne, 2019


I found myself walking up the ornately cobbled Gesegnetmattstrasse after having just taken a boat out as far as I dared into Lake Lucerne. I think I was drawn to the relatively hidden nature of the street. Compared to Haldenstrasse, one of the main thoroughfares of Lucerne, this street was narrow as it climbed up and away from the lake, from the hotel-casinos, the people playing Bocce, and the lovers who walked arm-in-arm along the edge of the lake. Gesegnetmattstrasse is an ornately cobbled street. Trees on either side provided shade and damped the sounds of cars passing by. Maybe it was the wavelike pattern of the cobblestones that attracted me. Having just been floating upon the surface of waves, perhaps this was my transition back to solid ground. Before I could really part from the lake, I first had to walk upon solid waves. I noticed an unassuming building. I don’t know what sort of business is housed inside. Perhaps it is the private home of an affluent family. No matter. It had such a beautiful arrangement of simple shapes. Tall rectangles and thickly framed windows contrasted by smooth, perfect arched doorways and an arched iron entranceway. I remember its surface being a faded yellow color. The light was so soft that day, thanks to a densely overcast sky. This was to be the beginning of my time spent wandering those lovely narrow, winding, sloping streets in Lucerne.⁠

Note: All prints are printed, inspected, signed, and numbered in an open edition.

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Textured Semi-Gloss

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Alpha Cellulose Fiber

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300 gsm

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13.8 mil

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Natural White