Brooklyn, New York – 2017


A young boy stares out across the East River towards Manhattan.

For a number of years, I worked in the wedding industry. I operated a photo booth. While I never kept track, it felt like I must have worked over a hundred weddings.
Crowds are not really my thing. Neither are weddings, really. Though it is nice to see so many people together in one place, being happy and celebrating that happiness.
My favorite moments were before the ceremonies, before the party. I would watch, occasionally helping the catering staff set up for the event as long as I wouldn’t be in the way. The empty rooms were peaceful, not yet filled with voices constantly trying to talk over one another. Sometimes, such as in this image, the venue would have beautiful views of the city. And as the staff finalized preparations, and both the bride’s and groom’s families and friends started to gather in the space, small images like frozen stories would appear and vanish. An uncle would offer an embrace. The groomsmen would huddle together for a pep talk and toast the soon-to-be-wedded. Or like this image, a nephew, constantly bored with everything, would look out into the city, hoping to find some interesting distraction.

Note: All prints are printed, inspected, signed, and numbered in an open edition.

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