Mirror, Winterthur, 2019


It was Saturday in Winterthur. It seems that every Saturday hundreds of people set up temporary shops in the middle of the city. Clothes racks on wheels, folding tables, and some type of canopy are all you need. You can find and sell nearly anything in this open-air market. I saw beautiful paintings, many clothes, kitchen utensils, including pots and pans. There were food vendors and even junk shops, too. Later that day I would be attending my friend’s wedding, and so I had planned to stay within the city and busy myself walking around. As I made my way through the twisting lanes and alleyways, I came across this interesting scene. A mirror had leaned at such an angle as to reflect the clouds in the sky. The light reflecting off its surface illuminated the texture of the stone street. I love scenes like this, where a slice of some other place sits in its own picture frame where it otherwise shouldn’t be.

Note: All prints are printed, inspected, signed, and numbered in an open edition.

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Paper Base

Alpha Cellulose Fiber

Paper Finish / Surface Texture

Textured Semi-Gloss

Paper Weight

300 gsm

Paper Thickness

13.8 mil

Paper Brightness

Natural White