Lucerne, 2019


This was the first image I made after leaving the train station. The station was busy, and noisy. Most likely, I was looking for a quiet scene to ground myself. I’m always looking for quiet moments. Not only because I find that those hold the greatest potential for stories to form, but because I can be easily overwhelmed because I’m constantly looking, constantly hearing things, constantly observing with all senses. So when there is an opportunity to find a lull in the activity, a chance to rest a bit… Those are the moments I enjoy most. I like to think that the figure seated on the edge of the pool might have been experiencing the same thing. That little opportunity to to breathe a bit.

Note: All prints are printed, inspected, signed, and numbered in an open edition.

Additional information

Dimensions N/A
Image Ratio


Paper Base

Alpha Cellulose Fiber

Paper Finish / Surface Texture

Textured Semi-Gloss

Paper Weight

300 gsm

Paper Thickness

13.8 mil

Paper Brightness

Natural White