Lucerne, 2019


While wandering around the area immediately surrounding the train station in Lucerne I found a few opportunities to get a higher vantage point. What was incredible was that one only had to walk a few minutes distance from the station and the din of the tourists and locals) faded away and everything slowed down a bit. I noticed a long path running perpendicular to a little marina, and after waiting a little while a lone figure in a white dress walked out onto the path. Where were they going? Where did they come from? They walked as though they were a local, so it is likely they were. I wondered what they were thinking, what they might be looking at, how was their day going? Who knows?

Note: All prints are printed, inspected, signed, and numbered in an open edition.

Additional information

Dimensions N/A
Image Ratio


Paper Base

Alpha Cellulose Fiber

Paper Finish / Surface Texture

Textured Semi-Gloss

Paper Weight

300 gsm

Paper Brightness

Natural White

Paper Thickness

13.8 mil